Refrigerator Door Gasket Repair : Amana Refrigerators Water Filters

Refrigerator Door Gasket Repair

refrigerator door gasket repair

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rubber seal gasket

rubber seal gasket

rubber seal gasket
Rubber Seal, Rubber Gaskets:
1. Material: NBR, EPDM, SIL, SBR, VITON, CR, etc.
2. Aplications: Automotive, oil and gas machines, water, etc.
3. Property: High/low temperature resistance, oil and fuel resistance, Water resistance, weathering resistance, Ozone resistance, non-toxic, Safety and Health etc.
4. Color and Size: Any colors and sizes are avaliable.
5. Diameter: Less than 400mm.
6. Quality certificate: ISO9001: 2008, RoHS, SGS.
7. Logo & Printing: According to your request.
8. According to your 2D, 3D drawings or samples.
9. OEM and ODM orders are welcome.

Engine gasket set

Engine gasket set

Renault F3R engine gasket set (excluding the sump pan gasket which is still in the box)

Unfortunately the box split in transit, and they don't bag the bits internally, so two of the small gasket washers that go on the rocker cover nuts to stop that leaking are missing.

At least it wasn't a specialist part that fell out, like the camshaft seal, so I'm not too worried.

This is one major expense checked off the list of "Things my engine needs before it will run".

refrigerator door gasket repair

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